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Social Media

  • Wix Facebook page

Facebook can be a very important avenue of attention for your business and website.  Like any Facebook page, one that you set up will only get attention of people "Like" that page.  It is quite easy to "purchase" a mass of likes for your page, but that doesnt mean that it will generate any business for you.


Your Facebook strategy has to be thought through and unlike your website that people can reach easily via search engines, sometimes it is easy for your Facebook page to be list in space.


At Biziweb, we will discuss with you the value of a Facebbok page for your business and whether it is even appropriate to have one.  We will also discuss with you what time and effort you will need to keep your Facebook page up to date and relevant.


  • Instagram App Icon

Instagram is a convenient place to load up pictures that you are taking on your mobile devices.  These could be at a customer site at the completion of a piece of work for an example.  We can build an instagram feed into your website so that the phots you take can appear on your website within minues.

You Tube
  • YouTube Classic

You tube is a very simple way to add content to your website, especially if you want to demonstrate the services you offer or how to use your products.


Setting up a You tube account is simple and loading your videos up and securing them is also quite easy.  You can then add videos to your website very easily.


  • Wix Twitter page

Twitter has a place in the social media world for business but again it is only relevant if you are constantly tweeting "news" and information that your customers are interested in and find valuable as well as ensuring that your customers and even prospective customers are following you on twitter.


Twitter can be a trap and a lot of time can be spent on it producing no value to your business.


However for sporting clubs or organisations that want to provide a live feed into their website of a particular event or happening then Twitter becomes an excellent tool.  We can embed a twitter feed into your website so that you can keep your audience or customers up to date as news is happening



  • Wix Google+ page

Google Plus is something that most business should examine.  If we were to paraphrase it, Google Plus is social networking for businesses.


Check you this link to learn more about it


  • LinkedIn App Icon

Linkedin is another cost free mechanism to advertise you and your services.  It is one of the worlds best networking mechanisms that you cannot afford to miss out on


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