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An online store is your virtual shop on the internet.  Managing an online store is not that much different to managing a normal store.  You need to understand your products, your stock, your prices and how you will get your product or service out to your customers.


At BiziWeb we help you along the journey and give you the building blocks to get yourself organised before we launch your online shop.  We do this so that you are comfortable in how you will manage orders, keep stock levels up to date and manage your payments and deliveries.


More than anything else an online store really does need to get great search engine results to get the best sales results.  We will discuss with you how we can utilise search engines like Google to do the work for you at a minimal cost and we will also discuss all options on how we can maximise your web presence.


An online store will take a bit of work on your behalf to basically work out your virtual shop before we try and get it into a website.  The good thing is that BiziWeb will be with you the entire journey.

An online store will cost more than a standard website that just provides information.  But it will cost a lot less than leasing a shop.  It also no longer involves you spending thousands of dollars on shopping cart software.  The world of online stores has become muche easier, much friendlier and far more affordable.

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