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What do we offer?


The first thing we do is actually meet up with you face to face and get to know your business and understand what you are trying to achieve. Only then will we start designing your website because we want to make sure that it is specifically what you want and need.


We will explain the process of how we go about developing your website in collaboration with you and the key steps we take to ensure that you will get noticed on search engines. 


Once that is all done we start building your site and in a short period of time we will have a test site to walk through with you and then fine tune the site so it is exactly what you are after.  Once that is done we turn the website on and you are live.


Search Engine Optimisation


This term is thrown around all the time.  Basically it means your website needs to be set up so search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc can find you and list you in their results.  If you have a panel beating shop it is pointless coming up in a search for take away food.  So it is very important as part of your design and content that we do everything possible to get your site found.


Once your website is live, BiziWeb constantly monitors the traffic to your site, where it comes from and how the search engiens are treating you.  We will discuss those results with you on a regular basis and work through any changes we think are need to get better results

So what do you really need on a website?  This is the most common question so lets break it down into some real world language.


A Home Page.  This is the page your future customer sees first and by its very nature is your key sales page. On this page you have to quickly sell yourself and your products or services in order to create enough interest for your prospective customer to look at your other pages where you can go into more detail.  Your home page has to be easy to read and follow and pleasing to the eye as well as informative.  It is also the place where you can keep your customer base updated with everything new that is happening in your world that may be of value to them.



Detail Pages.   The number of pages you need depends entirely on the number of services or products that you offer.   Each page needs to be clear and concise so that your prospective customer has an idea on what you are offering. Basically it isn't much more than that!



About Us.  The only reason you ever need one of these pages is if you believe that you need to establish your credibility and so this page might contain details about yourself, your work staff and the history of your company.


Contacts.  Again the only reason you need this is if you have a variety of methods that you have for people to contact you or perhaps you are in multiple locations.  We will discuss that with you.

Website Hosting


Any web site has to actually exist on an actual machine (server) somewhere in the world in order for it to be available to the internet.


Finding a provider is one thing, finding a good one is another because there are many aspects about website hosting that is critical to your business and your investment in your website.


Your hosting provider must be able to deliver a robust and secure service that delivers top rate internet access speeds, have very little downtime and have support available 24x7.


Depending upon your budget we can organise the most appropriate website hosting for you through our hosting partners.  BiziWeb does not host any of your sites, we leave that to the experts


Ongoing Support


Once your website is live, BiziWeb does not walk away.  For the first 12 months of the website we maintain it for free. This means any changes that you want us to make, we do so for free. We constantly monitor the site for search engine performance and make changes to achieve the best search results.


Likewise, we keep you informed of the traffic you get to your site and where we think we could make some more improvements. We will discuss those results with you on a regular basis and work through any changes we think are needed to get better results

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