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Content Management is where you want a website and you want to control the content on that website without having to use someone else like Biziweb to keep your website up to date.


You typically only need this if the content on your site is undergoing constant change and is typically where you are posting articles on your site, lots of news and changing many things.  So it isnt for everyone.


The good news is that nowadays you no longer need to be an I.T gurue, you don't need expensive software on your laptop to make it happen.  Everything is now possible via the internet and in the Cloud.  This means that you can keep your website up to date no matter where you are.


As with anything new it will take a bit of time to get used to keeping your website up to date, but like most things once you get into a routine it becomes easy.


At BiziWeb we work with you to build the website and get everything ready to then train you on how to keep your website up to date.  As we always do we will always be there to help you if you run into problems.


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