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Your future customers will use the web to find you - from search engines, Yellow Pages, local on-line business directories through to social media.  If you don't have  a website then they simply won't see you or call you.


The new age customer wants to "click" to find you and look at you. At BiziWeb we understand that for years a web presence has become a cost prohibitive option for small businesses and those who have provided cheaper sites also provide cheaper or non existent service.


Welcome to BiziWeb - we specialise in getting small to medium sized businesses on-line with an affordable great web and social media presence and deliver a level of face to face customer service that is simply top of the range. 




Social media has become such an important facet of generating new business that it is impossible to ignore.  At BiziWeb we can help you get a presence both on the web and on social media.  It may seem daunting, but it isnt, we will help you design your social media strategy to get you up and running on keeping your presence fresh as part of your website design solution......


The customer of today no longer finds you solely on their laptop or desktop, they search on their mobile phones and tablets.  Standard websites do not work well on mobile devices. Our  website design solution delivers you a custom website for all devices...

Recent Sites

Better Day Hypnotherpay

July 1st 2017

Better Day Hypnotherapy (Habit Busters) is our newest client and is based in Queensland.  Habit Busters is a Hypnotherapy centre that specialises in helping people bust their habits such as smoking, eating disorders and other addictive habits.

Manna Gum Garden Supplies

June 10, 2017

Manna Gum was an original small client of Biziweb and after strong growth needed a new look and feel website to support their growth and diversification. In addition we worked with Google and Facebook marketing to get them brilliant search results and traffic to their site and business

Chilli Obsession

Aug 15, 2015

Chilli Obsession is an online store selling chilli sauces from all over the world.  This is a fully functioning online store where the owners have full access to manage their inventory, costs and prices giving them maximum flexibility to manage thier online business as well as thier actual store.

Laburnum Netball Club

May 5, 2015

The Laburnum Netball Club is a reasonably young club that had a tired and unmanageable website with very little content or benefit to its members.  Thew new website provides all the information and news that the members wanted and is positioned to deliver an online store in the near future.

Sept 18, 2015

The Eildon Park Cricket Club is another great time we had with a sporting club upgrading them from their tired old website to one where they can manage thier own content and a site that is rich in its utilisation of thier social media such as Facebook, Twitter and TeamApp.

Saxon Sports

March 28, 2015

Saxon Sports is our newest customer. We took over their old and very outdated website and totally revamped it with a new look and feel and up to date pics and information. The site is now ready for the next stage of adding an online store.

Keep it Cold

March 12, 2015

Another wonderful local small business that has been producing customer made stubby holders for many years.  They decided that they need to get a web presence in order to expand the business.

Hurst Podiatry

Aug 17, 2014

Hurst Podiatry is a multi clinic podiatry practice which is growing considerably.  They need a fresh new web presence and the ability for their patients to be able to make a booking enquiry online.

Port Operation Management Services

Aug 10, 2014

Port Operation Management Services (POMS) offers hands-on and regulatory expertise in port, marine and logistical activities.  Their new website provides a clear and concise directory of what they have to offer.

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Some of our Work

BiziWeb has over 30 years experience in technology and many years in small business website design. So no matter what you want, it is worthwhile you giving Colin a call to discuss your needs.

our favourite site
Habit Busters

Habit Busters is our newest client and was a fantastic challenge being located in Queensland and proved that our virtual world makes all things possible.  We love this site as it enabled us to add some elegance to a site that was designed to put people with problems at rest when they researched solutions to their problems.

E-Commerce Sites
Chilli Obsession

Chilli Obsession is a recent E-Commerce site for a family run business and provides a full online store plus the ability for the business owner to actively manage their inventory via the website.

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